With more than forty years experience in the c Concrete Construction Industry, PCS Concrete’s
President, Veryl Esau, has extensive knowledge of the trade, creating a Company that can be relied
upon to deliver a project on time, on budget, and with quality workmanship that exceeds industry
Our firm specializes in all phases of Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Concrete, applying extra focus on Tilt Up Structures and Cold Storage facilities.

We own an SXP Laser Screed allowing us complete
control of our Concrete Place and Finish scope, averaging up to 50,000 square feet per slab pour. Our finishers are ACI certified, providing the best finish by industry standards.  We can handle your project from the ground up, concrete place and finish only, or even just screed
rental. The choice is yours.

We also have available laser grading services, backhoe excavation services, trucking services and sac & patch crews to meet your growing needs.  

If handling your complete project, we will include rebar in our scope, eliminating one more item you would have to coordinate.


PCS Concrete's mission is to provide its customers exceptional service and value, by manufacturing the highest quality products and delivering them in a safe and timeley manner.

Mission Statement